Young Success and Homecoming Events is excited to host its 4thannual Tshwane Food Fest. This multi-faceted event takes place on 02 November 2019 at Botanical Gardens, with a promise of an exciting day for everyone.


Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions below:

General FAQs

Is Tastes and Treats the same as Tshwane Food Fest?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Tshwane Food Fest cannot take place as you previously know it. As we patiently wait for the pandemic to pass, we have created a subsidiary event called “Tastes and Treats” where we can still enjoy good food, music and company. The event is much more intimate with limited ticket sales. You will still find great food vendors, amazing entertainment and a good vibe you can enjoy along with your friends and family.

Where can you find Tastes and Treats events?

Tastes and Treats will take place at 012 Central Venue, Pretoria which is located at 381 Helen Joseph (Church) Street, Tshwane Central (Opposite the South African Reserve Bank). For safe parking, you may use the State Theatre parking.

How much are the tickets?

Adults General – R200

Kids (over the age of 8years) – R50

VIP Packages:

Package 1 – R3500


VIP Seating

2x MCC

1x Bottle of Gin/Whiskey

6x Mixes

Snack Platter

4x Tickets


Package 2 – R7000


VIP Seating

2x MCC

1x of Hennessey

1x Bottle of Gin/Whiskey

12x Mixes

Snack Platter

8x Tickets

Where can you buy tickets?

Tickets are available from

What to do when it rains?

The most up to date source of information is on our Instagram or Facebook if you’re unsure if the Tastes and Treats event is still on. We update these channels as often as we can with updated information when applicable.

Do you have ATM facilities?

No, we do not have ATM facilities, however there are ATMs available in the vicinity should you need to access one. We will however have speed points on site and highly advise use of card transactions to limit hard cash at the event.

How can I become a DJ/performing artist at the event?

All artists and musicians are asked to email us directly to in order to be considered for a performance.

Should I bring a camp chair or similar?

No. The venue will allow for sufficient seating both inside and outside. You can however bring along a blanket should you wish to set up a picnic on the grass area if there is space to do so.

Vendor FAQs

How do I apply for a stall?

Simply complete the online form on and provide as much detail as possible.

How much is a food stall?

A food stall will be R2000, payable upfront once an approval/acceptance email has been sent to you. It includes the R310 fee for the Department of Health day trading license, training and certificate.

What is included for Food Stall Vendors?

  • 3 x 3 Vendor space
  • X2 Trestle Tables
  • X2 Chairs
  • X4 Stall members access per stall
  • Access to electricity and water

When do applications close?

Depending on availability, applications close two weeks before the next event.

What do I need to supply?

You will need to supply everything required for your set-up, we do not hire out any items to stall holders.

Can I plug into power supply?

Yes. Food vendors can plug into ONE electricity point. Arrangements with details of the amount of power needed will need to be made prior to the event with the team. Vendors are requested to bring their own extension cords.

NB: Vendors are to ensure that none of their appliances or extension cords are faulty, failure to adhere to this, the vendor can be charged for any fire or inconvenience caused by this should the fault be traced back to the vendor’s appliance or extension cord(s) or similar.

What are the City of Tshwane’s Food trading requirements?

All Vendors will be required to adhere to the City of Tshwane’s Food Trading requirements. Vendors are expected to complete and submit the Application Form for Food Acceptability and accompany this with any necessary documentation (i.e. ID copy) as required by the department of Health. Please engage with the team should you have any other specific questions around complying with the department’s requirements.

Do I need to apply each time I wish to participate in the event?

Only if your business name/details and key offerings changes. The team will contact all vendors who have traded at our events before directly to determine repeat participation.

Just sent my application form off, what’s next?

You’ll receive email confirmation that your application has been received. If you do not receive confirmation, we have not received your application.  Please allow up to 14 days to receive a response.

Are eft pos facilities for vendors mandatory?

No, but cashless is often the preferred method of payment for many customers these days. While there is a nearby ATM, other options to facilitate card or e-payment include PayPal and QR Scan options which we highly recommend. Future events may possibly run on a cashless system which the event team will set up and all vendors will then be required to use.

Marquee details

No marquees are permitted internally. Marquees may be permitted outdoors where possible.

Can I pick my location at the event?

No, stall locations are allocated by the Tastes and Treats events team. All stalls are grouped appropriately.